Motivware Review

Motivware which can be viewed here, was originally just used for me to learn and improve my programming skills. Eventually I reached a point where I thought I should try converting it into an independent project. I had started to implement the core features for many software as a service applications. Which included authentication, subscription services and a multi-tenant infrastructure. I was able to string everything together by using Stack Overflow and thanks to various online tutorials. The application was in a working state with many core features in place. But I started to grow tired of always coding solo and that is where Project Unicorn provided so much help! I was able to be a part of developers community and work with a remote team. Below are several key points I want to outline that I have learned along the way.

Collaborate with others

As a developer don't ever hesitate to reach out to the online community for help or with any questions. Coding is supposed to be a collaborative process and it's important not to shy away from learning with others. Project Unicorn is designed to provide a community of developers that can learn and grow together. Before joining, I was primarily learning independently and wish I would have found other remote developers sooner. I could have improved my programming skills at a much faster rate and had more fun in the process.

Validate ideas sooner than later

I know we are all anxious to start developing code but it's important to validate your ideas too. You can start developing your new app but don't forget to ask others for their opinions. Even if it's just friends or family, any feedback is better than none. The sooner you can get others' opinions, the better off you will be. Maybe even think about quickly spinning up a landing page with a mailing list to evaluate demand for your app. Time is valuable and you want to develop iteratively with a customer first agile mentality.

Enjoy the challenge

It can be a struggle to stay motivated and continue the process when learning software development. I have personally gone through many gaps while progressing and also dealt with many challenges. It's important to stay positive and try not to get frustrated, this will just slow you down. Don't hesitate to take breaks when needed but make sure to keep a good quality habit of coding. Most importantly don't get discouraged, try to enjoy yourself and let's all have fun while we progress.

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