Project Unicorn UI

In this short post I would like to introduce one of the projects that I'm working on along with a few software developers from the Project Unicorn community.

First the challenge

As a community, Project Unicorn shares the responsibility of helping as many developers and teams succeed in building and shipping meaningful software. One of the first challenges we noticed was the amount of time it took a developer between joining the community and meaningfully contributing to a project.

The manual process of brainstorming projects with incoming developers, matching developers to projects, and assigning project leads to each project took roughly 4-6 days to complete. In between that process, few developers would leave due to being frustrated by the process, maybe due to missing the initial deadline of joining a project, or having no interest in the suggested projects.

There's something special about the kind of energy each new member brings when joining this community. Everyone feeds off of this energy and to some extent we see it as an obligation to matain that high level of energy and enthusiam. In reducing some of these intial road blocks to starting and joining a project we hope we can preserve that energy and focus it into building and shipping a project.

And our solution

Project Unicorn UI is an extension of this community, and the first challenge it will solve is the experience of joining a project. Our frontend will let members start a new project or search for projects they can join. We expect the process of joining a project to take minutes instead of days.

Beyond the act of creating or joining a project, each member will have a short profile. Profiles will show stats of each member on Project Unicorn in order to let other members find the right team to work with. The stats for each member will include number of projects shipped, the role they played in a project, and the status of each project they contributed to.

Like Member Profiles we'll have Project Profiles. Project Profiles will let developers evaluate whether a project is a good fit for their skillset or of enough interest to work on.

Project team

None of this work would be possible without the members of this project. Currently we have a few including myself. Listed below are their roles on this project.

Member Contributions
Aaron Contributes to frontend JavaScript/React application. On GitHub as aaron2212.
Harry Contributes to the .NET Core/C# API. On GitHub as Harreh1.
Matt Contributes to frontend JavaScript/React application and leads design. On GitHub as GreenWithMV.
William Contributes to the .NET Core/C# API. On GitHub as Belchy06.
Roy Contributes to frontend, backend, and dev ops. On GitHub as roymoran.


The team looks to ship Project Unicorn UI in less than 2 months from now. By the end of April. Eventually, the project will live at

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